Does Zynga Really Listen?

With so many fan sites reporting on what Zynga is offering and the latest scoops and themes ready to be collected, one sees a good deal of response from the people who support the game. Recently we had a survey sent out. I don’t know whether it was sent to all or a selected few. I got one and a buddy of mine did not and I think it was random on who was selected. The review asked us what kinds of changes we would like. Well I filled in mine as best I could  and I hope everyone else did as well. Judging by the response I did see many of us seem to be interested in the same improvements. But does Zynga really listen?

I personally have had three clubs malfunction…Zynga tells me it is aware of the problem and is working on it. That was a month ago. They also offered me yocash back although not for all the clubs lost. I have been complaining about the join friend feature since that big fiasco last summer when it went wonky. Mine still doesn’t work properly and I am forced to reload the page over and over again and God help the poor friend who happens to be editing when I finally arrive at their house. By the time that happens, I am ready to go ballistic! I don’t know where Zynga takes their cues from? Is there a special person they listen to that tells them what we would like in the game? If so, I think they ought to fire that person as they haven’t a bleedin clue what I like or want…and I dare say they are not too in touch with the other millions of players involved. Who do they listen to?

Sure sometimes the requests are a bit too much to ask for. Just the other day a friend was saying “wouldn’t it be neat if we could change the expressions on our faces like they do in the Sims games?”  Well sure that would be cool but hey, we shouldn’t expect heavy duty sims type actions…it would be nice but i think the reality is a lot simpler. It’s not going to happen. I suppose we shouldn’t expect badges or new dances to reflect other levels of accomplishment…such as lev 100. I guess it’s inane to hope for a product without lag? One has to have the conversation in skype now whilst playing the game because typing is so slow in Yoville. Is it dumb to expect one could join their friends on first click without the reloading of room spinning interminably? Just once seeing my friend enter the game and after giving her a few moments to get sorted, click and join?

How about this then, Zynga? How about developing a platform unaffected by screen freezing and wpe? Could we have something like that soon? Surely you have technicians in your employ so maybe we can we get them working please? Who do you listen to, Zynga? Who is stoking your creative fires and leading you down paths so far from mine it makes me want to cry? Well perhaps not cry but certainly frustrating. Who? Who? Why did you change the report features? Do I have to report someone as a suicide attempt before you will answer the reports? I used to be able to click on some ne’er-do-wells tell you in a report “so and so called me a great git” and now I have “spam”, “profanity”, “Physical Threat”, “Suicide Threat”.

Sometimes that doesn’t cover the complaint.

Rooms of racial hatred sit in performance as I write this…I can’t tell you about them!!! You have stopped me!! Who are you listening to? Asking me for feedback and telling me you think my gaming experience is important and chain letters of love and mutual respect are great when I get them from you and you assure me you are doing your bit to ensure that my gaming rights are not abused or misused and sometimes I feel you really care and maybe it is going to be a bright new sunshiny day and all is well with the world and run on sentencing be yaddaed…its going to be swell..I won’t lag any more and yadda yadda yadda and I’m going to my friend’s house and I still can’t get there and the page is reloading and reloading and who the yadda do you listen to Zynga???

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4 Responses to Does Zynga Really Listen?

  1. Amy Boyd says:

    Clever, well written piece. I feel the author’s frustration, and I haven’t even been at the game that long! Every day I see scores of frustrated posts from my veteran player friends voicing ways that Zynga has fallen down on the job. Most of these are spot on as well as constructive…and sadly, repetitive.

    Taken in stride, suggestions such as the ones put forth by the author would enrich game play for all of us… as well as line pockets for Zynga. It’s a win-win. And a no-duh as far as I’m concerned. As with previous commenters, I’ve not seen hide nor hair of any survey. It’s as if the whole gaming community of Yoville is shouting the same mantra…Fix this, Fix that… but Zynga still seems to be turning a deaf ear. As the author says, we’re not asking for the moon from Zynga (most of us)…just a bit less lag.. and a bit more listen.

    I guess the only course is to just keep shouting…and keep articles like this coming. Hey Zynga…Can you hear us now?!!?

  2. snail INFP says:

    Speaking of yadda… I wish they would change the censor back to how it was, or eliminate it entirely. My friends sometimes think I’m cussing at them when I’m not, because certain typos affect it. If we are on an adult server, there should be no need for it. I was trying to tell my friend about how lucky I was that the dentist said I didn’t need a root canal, and the censor changed the word “canal” to something with yadda in it because it thought I was talking about butt sex… and speaking of butt sex, it is stupid that both butt and sex are considered cuss words. Zynga apparently thinks we are all still in kindergarten. Not being able to have a relaxed conversation with my friends, plus the lag caused by the changes they made to the buddy list are the two reasons I got so frustrated that I stopped playing for a few months. I totally relate to everything you have said here.

  3. hawk says:

    Great article. Keep you the great writting. looking forward to the next issue.

  4. Susan says:

    I like the comment about firing some at Zynga. They should also fire the one who creates all these icons in our decorating area. They could create a drop down box to put some of their icons. They seem to like to shove it in our faces to see if they can FORCE us to buy stuff. I have seen petitions to get remove the icons from decorating area, but Zynga still has not done anything about it. Game seems to be getting MORE glitches that have not been resolved. Hope someone can get to them some day. I used to really enjoy playing YV but I have lost a lot of luv for it and a lot of the older players are gone. Don’t want to be a downer but it could be a much better game. Is really for decorating and visiting and earning coins. (NOT ABOUT ALL THE JUNK) LOL

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